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The AQUA Underwater Robot

AQUA over reef

The Aqua family of vehicles is part of an ongoing set of research projects at McGill University and York University. The vehicles are designed and built at McGill University and a portable stereo sensing system is under ongoing development at York.

Over almost a decade of related research projects, funding has come from several agencies, including IRIS/PRECARN and NSERC.

The AQUA project explores the science and technologies for the interpretation of underwater video footage, the identification of underwater features, human-robot interaction, the modeling of 3-D scenes using vision and acoustics, vehicle control, position estimation and mechanical design. Key applications for AQUA are the assesment of marine habitats and biodiversity on coral reefs. By using a robot, we hope several important classes of measurement can be made much more reliable. Trials of this application are ongoing.

An offshoot of this family of vehicles is commercially available from Independent Robotics Inc.






McGill York




AQUA McGill Mobile Robotics Lab